Thursday, April 14, 2005

Nascar Freaks and Bookcrossing Geeks

Posted by Ann Roberts at 9:04 PM
*No offense to Nascar or Bookcrossing Fans...I thought it just sounded good!

There is a Nascar race in Ft. Worth this weekend and the racing fans are in town. It was Nascar Fan Appreciation Day at the Ft. Worth Convention Center today. And the square looks like it is all set for a party.

When I got back to the room this afternoon, I found JenDudley sitting on the floor cutting packaging tape with cuticle scissors?! She was taping bookcrossing labels on the books she plans to release this weekend.

So JenDudley and I headed out after a little reading this afternoon to walk Downtown Ft. Worth and get something to eat and drink. Walking through the lobby I got my first catch of the weekend The Accidental Virgin. I also released my first book of the weekend...The Inheritance.

NYC had painted cows. Cincinnati had flying pigs. Apparently, Ft. Worth has topiaries. Again, who knew? Check out these photos:
Jen with the bull

Finally, because I'm sure you all are concerned about my internet access withdrawl...I am currently using dial-up access in the hotel room. Can I just say that it is unbelievably slow!!!! It has taken me hours to upload the photos so I can use them. But I know that you are anxious to experience this weekend with I'll take one for the team!

JenDudley's already asleep...have great photo of her sleeping with her book...but won't take time to upload it now but look for it soon!


cheesygiraffe said...

Jen you look so determined to tape the BC labels to books. ;)

TexasWren said...

There is a local rumor, which I can neither confirm nor deny, only share, that that topiary once had the extra "leaves" to make a steer a bull. Rumor says that a public outcry led to some pruning of his nether regions. ;-)
Great convention blog-I'm loving it!


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