Sunday, January 10, 2010

Publishers Delaying eBook Releases

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According to a story in the NY Times, publishers are planning to delay the release of books in ebook format. Here is a sample of the letter that I have been sending to publishers...

I was appalled to learn that Simon & Schuster plans to delay the release of ebooks. The concept is ridicules. Why would a company want to delay revenue? Do you think that those of us who only read ebooks will rush out to purchase a paper copy of your books? I can GUARANTEE you that we will NOT. We are more likely not to read your books at all.

In 2009, I read over 300 ebooks. That means that I PURCHASED over 300 books spending almost $2000. My primary ebook reader is a Kindle but I supplement it with my iPod Touch or Blackberry storm when a book is not available in Kindle format.

My book wishlist consists primarily of not yet released books. If ebook releases are delayed, I can guarantee that I will move on to other publishers who are NOT delaying the release of their ebooks...and I won't look back. You don't want me annoyed waiting for the release of books in the format that I want to read them in.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Reading Statistics

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Hmmm...two weeks of vacation was REALLY expensive! I read 50 books in December 2010 and purchased 51.

YearTo Date
Books Read 2009: 310
Pages Read 2009: 100741
Cost of Books Read: $1,923.98

Books Purchased/Received 2009: 315
Cost of Books Purchased: $1,920.65

Books Passed On 2009: 403
Cost of Books Passed On: $161.99

2009 Postage: $460.50

And a look at the bindings that I read this year...yes, I truly am an ebook slut!
Binding Total
Kindle Edition 252
Mass Market Paperback 6
Mass Market Paperback - Reprint 1
Paperback 5
Secure EReader 45
BN Ebook 1
Grand Total 310

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