Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sunday Morning...bright and early

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Sunday began early with breakfast at 7:45am. What? Huh?
JFroebe and Tzurriz grab a bite to eat

Sunday Schedule
9am 2007 Convention Site Selection
10am Author Lisa Wingate (w/MojosMom)
11am Journaling with Chocaholic

2007 Convention Site Charlotte, SC
Miss-Efficiency shares info about the 2006 convention in Toronto

Author Lisa Wingate discusses her books with MojosMom

SandDanz gets her copies of Lisa Wingate's books autographed

Scenes from the conventions. (I'm exhausted and at the airport waiting on a late flight. Getting low on battery power. I'll add the user names later.)

Saturday Afternoon & Evening Convention Releases

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Saturday afternoon at the convention was spent releasing books. I wanted to be sure to ship back the books I had "caught" so I walked 18lbs of books 8 blocks to Kinkos.

While MsPooh, EllyMae58, SandDanz, and JenDudley were running around to sure to ask JenDudley about her shopping extravaganza...I did a few wild releases in Downtown Ft. Worth.

I only photographed one which as in the back of a car on display at the NASCAR festival.

JenDudley, Rhonda, and I had dinner at a great little TexMex restaurant on Main St - Mi Cocino (Jen, is that right?). There were lots of Margaritas...but I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves. (Although the most incriminating ones are missing from my camera.)

The man in the photo is Jorge.

Back at the hotel, SandDanz shows off the books that she has "caught" so far!

The "old lady" in the group quickly called it a night; while SandDanz and JenDudley went searching for more books!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Saturday Morning @ the Convention

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Schedule for the day:
9am Release techniques with PJLareau
10am with Reno
11am BookTalk with GoryDetails
Noon Lunch
1pm Book Releases

Foxy needed a little pick-me-up this morning

Okay...that may have been too much!

Reno talks about the future of

Heather thanks the people who made the 2005 BC Convention possible: JennyO, Sonora, TexasWren, and First-Noel

There is apparently some forum joke about a squirrel that is being passed around among BookCrossers. FatBastard (the squirrel) arrived at the convention. Cheesy was apparently drawn to the latest attendee.

Foxy and Spike Jr. had to get in on the action as well!

Future BookCrossers also attended the Convention!

Noumena12 releases The Intruders at the Chevy/GMC vehicles during the Nascar Festival

Okay...looks like I'm caught up with my journal...back to more releases!

A Look Back: The Ice Breaker

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Everyone who is anyone turned out for the Ice Breaker in the hotel bar!

MsPooh and EllyMae58 brought "Happy Reading" pens for EVERYONE!! Thanks!

MrNelle was there

SandDanz looks like she is having a good time...Of course she'd been hitting that bottle of Rum in our room!

SandDanz and MojosMom

JenDudley hanging out at the bar with CoffeeBeaned

Cheesy Jr. was hanging out with MsPooh...that's sure to lead to trouble

Sure enough...there they are trying to steal the door prizes

No BC Convention is complete without BOOKS
There were plenty of books available...

Skyring joins MrNelle in sifting through the books available

Foxy makes a new friend from Down Under...Bilbo Kiwiberry

Apparently, Foxy also found a book

No BookCrossing event is complete without...
...Reno (talking to JFroebe)...

...And Bruce and Heather

Of course EVERYONE wanted to meet them and talk to them!
Reno talking to CoffeBeaned with MsPooh while SandDanz and EllyMae58 wait (patiently???)

SandDanz and JenDudley share the pictures from their Christian Singles release with Heather

And of course there were door prizes! Thanks to TexasWren who arranged for the prizes!
First-Noel and TexasWren drew names

Noumena12 won the first door prize! But there were lots of other winners too!

By the end of the night...Foxy and Spike Jr. were a little out of control

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