Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Bookstore in Radcliff Author Signing

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SandDanz (Rhonda) and ctgmom (Laura) convinced me to drive 3 hours to attend a multiple author signing at The Bookstore in Radcliff KY. $148.56 later (thanks to Laura going "you should read this book") and 2 hours later, I finally headed back home. Laura and I pretty much have the same taste in books so I'm sure I came away with some winners! Never mind that I got to meet some great authors including Teresa Medeiros, Elizabeth Bevarly (love her comtemporary romances), JR Ward (I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series), Patricia Rice, Anya Bast (a recommendation from ctgmom), Toni Blake (she was lovely to talk to and I'm looking forward to reading her book), Teresa Reasor, Shiloh Walker (she was GREAT fun to talk to), LuAnn McLane (love her contemporary romances), Heather Grothaus, Patricia Sargeant (she's from Columbus and look forward to reading her books), Janice Maynard (aka Elizabeth Scott), Sara Reinke (loved her Brethern series book...which I left somewhere in India), Beverly Bartlett (looking forward to reading her books), Robyn DeHart, Maddie James, Jan Scarbrough, and Magdalena Scott!

Let's see what I picked up today:
Witch Fire by Anya Bast
Just Like a Man by Elizabeth Bevarly (okay...I already read this one....sigh)
An Irresitable Bachelor by Jessica Bird
Swept Away by Toni Blake
Real Men Do It Better by Donovan, Susan; Wilde, Lori; Leigh, Lora; Alexander, Carrie
A Touch of Minx by Suzanne Enoch
Nauti Boy by Lora Leigh
My Sister is a Werewolf by Kathy Love
Hot Summer Nights by LuAnn McLane
Love, Lust and Pixie Dust by LuAnn McLane
Naughty Housewives by Janice Maynard aka Elizabeth Scott
Over Hexed by Vicki Lewis Thompson (reading this next because CTGMom was very mysterious about it...something about not being able to read it in public...hmmm)
Lover Unbound by JR Ward
The Reinvented Miss Bluebeard by Minda Webber
My Man Pendleton by Elizabeth Bevarly

Let me say that I really enjoyed The Bookstore in Radcliff. Dayton has no real INDEPENDENT bookstores left. I miss them. Debbie and the staff at The Bookstore were wonderful. Nevermind that they know Rhonda and Laura by sight! I'm just the person who drove from Dayton OH.

Check out these photos from the event!

CTGMom talking to Shiloh Walker (okay, you can't actually see her). That's Patricia Sargeant at the table.

Yep...CTGMom is STILL talking!

Woo Hoo!! CTGMom found her keys among all those books she was carrying around!

Authors Sara Reinke, Toni Blake, and JR Ward autograph books.

SandDanz and CTGMom chat while waiting for an author to sign their books.

CTGMom has Sara Reinke sign Dark Thirst. I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

September 2007 Books Read

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203 Fanged and Fabulous by Rowen, Michelle (Paranormal / Paranormal) [9/2/2007]

204 Blue Flame by Shalvis, Jill (Adventure / Adventure) [9/3/2007]

205 Pretty Bad by Jump, Shirley (Contemporary / Contemporary) [9/4/2007]

206 Sometimes Naughty, Sometimes Nice by Raye, Kimberly (Contemporary / Contemporary) [9/7/2007]

207 Dancing Shoes and Honky-Tonk Blues by McLane, LuAnn (Contemporary / Contemporary) [9/9/2007]

208 Squeeze Play by Angell, Kate (Contemporary / Contemporary) [9/9/2007]

209 Miss Match by Carroll, Leslie ( / ) [9/10/2007]

210 Strangers In Paradise by Bond, Stephanie; Rock, Joanne (Contemporary) [9/13/2007]

211 Tall, Dark, and Cajun by Hill, Sandra (Contemporary / Contemporary) [9/13/2007]

212 The Cajun Cowboy by Hill, Sandra (Contemporary / Contemporary) [9/13/2007]

213 The Red-Hot Cajun by Hill, Sandra (Contemporary) [9/15/2007]

214 Dark Thirst by Reinke, Sara (Paranormal / Paranormal) [9/17/2007]

215 Dead Sexy by Ashley, Amanda (Romance / Romance) [9/17/2007]

216 Wedding Party by Carr, Robyn (Contemporary / Contemporary) [9/17/2007]

217 First Date by Kendall, Karen (Contemporary / Contemporary) [9/18/2007]

218 Hot Stuff by Evanovich, Janet (Contemporary / Contemporary) [9/18/2007]

219 One Way Out by Albert, Michele (Suspense / Suspense) [9/18/2007]

220 Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds by Martin, Nancy () [9/23/2007]

221 First Kiss by Adams, Kylie () [9/23/2007]

222 Hell with the Ladies by Kenner, Julie (Paranormal / Paranormal) [9/23/2007]

223 Hide in Plain Sight by Albert, Michele () [9/23/2007]

224 Sealed with a Kiss by Phillips, Carly ( / ) [9/23/2007]

225 Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye by Laurie, Victoria (Paranormal / Paranormal) [9/24/2007]

226 First Dance by Kendall, Karen (Contemporary / Contemporary) [9/25/2007]

227 Drop-Dead Blonde by Martin, Nancy; Viets, Elaine; Swanson, Denise ; Laurie, Victoria ( / ) [9/27/2007]

September 2007 Statistics

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First, let me say that I corrected a minor error in the August Statistics. NO honey, I didn't spend over $4,000 to ship books to people. It was a typo! :)

So here we go for September!

YearTo Date September
Books Read 2007: 226 25
Pages Read 2007: 79701 8522
Cost of Books Read: $582.93 $30.10

Books Purchased/Received 2007: 396 21
Cost of Books Purchased: $757.28 $29.61

Books Passed On 2007: 308 34
Cost of Books Passed On: $630.60 $99.93
RABCKs 2007: 120 8
Cost of RABCKs: $212.58 $30.59
Wild Releases 2007: 66 13

2007 Postage: $600.02 $90.49

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