Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 2011 #Readathon: 6pm

Posted by Ann Roberts at 3:15 PM

I’ve been missing in action for several hours. I guess I should find a good mix of posting and reading. Five hours seems too long between checking in and posting.

I’m using Google Reader to keep up with the friends blogs during the Readathon. However, @notarevolution set up a Twitter List called “readathon0411” of everyone participating who is also tweeting. @Sanddanz has been using that to follow Readathon activity. I definitely prefer Google Reader...there have been 157 tweets since the last time I looked at way am I going to spend time reading through all of them. Although I do like the idea of randomly clicking on the post of someone I'm not following on Google Reader.

Some of my favorite tweets since the last time I looked:

mjmbecky One Literature Nut

Went downstairs to get big glass of water & cat looked up at w/ sleepy, why-are-you-home-during-my-sleepy-time face. Leaving him alone now.

ewillse Elizabeth W

Good lord, is it hour 6 already! I thought I'd have read more!#readathon but I won a prize! woo! @readathon

Okay…off to see what everyone else has been doing for the last few hours. Hopefully, John is going to start dinner soon because I’m hungry again.


Title: Almost Home
: Susan Mallery
Number of Pages: of 368
Time Started: 4/9/2011 13:02
Time Completed: 4/9/2011 18:13
After nearly a decade as a sous chef in a trendy eatery, Jenna is desperate for a change. She’s supported her ex-husband’s dreams for so long that she can’t even remember her own. Until she sees a for-lease sign near her parents’ home and envisions her very own cooking store. Her crash course in business is aided by a street-wise store manager and Jenna’s adoptive mother. But just as she’s gaining a foothold in her new life, in walk her birth parents – aging hippies on a quest to reconnect with their firstborn.
Now Jenna must figure out how to reconcile the free-spirited Serenity and Tom with her traditional parents, deal with her feelings for a new love interest and decide what to do about her ex’s latest outrageous request. In the end, Jenna will find that there is no perfect family, only the people we love…

Comments: Okay…once we got past Aaron I really started to like Jenna. But in reality I feel in love with all of the characters in this very moving story which left me laughing and crying.

Reading this book for the Goodreads April Monthly Reading Challenge as the April book where the title or author’s name starts with “A.”


Title: Love for Sale 
: Susan Mallery
Number of Pages: of 368
Time Started: 4/9/2011 13:02
Time Completed: 4/9/2011 18:13
After her oversexed grandma talks her into signing up for the 'Buy a Dame' fundraiser, Jessica Davis gets a makeover and goes on the auction block. She never expected the roughly sexy man who'd buy her, or the plans he had in store. Josh Thomas came to Leaf Island after his grandpa died to do some hard core thinking. He hadn't planned on buying a woman for the weekend and then falling hard for her. She seems equally enamored, but will she still want him when she finds out the one thing he's been hiding?

Comments: Reading this book for the Goodreads April Monthly Reading Challenge as the Tax Day book; Taxes are due in US (15 April): Read a book with an accountant/book-keeper character, or due to a shortage of funds, read a free or borrowed (library, friend etc) book.


Number of Books Read: 3
Number of Pages Read: 880
Money Raised: $150
For each book that I read, I will be donating $25 to both Project Read and toRoom to Read.


Booksnyc on April 9, 2011 at 3:31 PM said...

You're doing great! Almost Home sounds like a book I would like.

Elsi on April 9, 2011 at 4:00 PM said...

You're doing great! Gaps in your blog because you were busy reading is a GOOD THING!

It's about time for me to get back into my book, so I'll just say, "keep it up!"

shaunesay on April 9, 2011 at 4:08 PM said...

*waves* glad to see we're all still in the game! No unscheduled naps yet! Hee! See ya later!


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