Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013 Noumena12 Mid-Year Update

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The good news is that I’ve finally found a way to write book reviews. Thanks to highlighting and notes on my Kindle, I’m writing a lot more reviews now. (Yes, I know…those features have been there for a long time…I’m just now taking true advantage of them.)

2013 Reading Challenge Books Read
184 of 365 (50%)
I am 7 books (2%) behind.

2013 Books I Read For A Challenge CHALLENGE: 102 of 200
These are books that I’ve read that satisfy the requirements of one or more challenges I am participating in.

2013 Goodreads Monthly Reading Challenge

  Books Read Book Goal % Completed
January 10 10 100%
February 10 10 100%
March 10 10 100%
April 10 10 100%
May 8 10 80%
June 10 10 100%

2013 Goodreads Featured Author Challenge
I’m afraid I dropped out of this challenge. I just couldn’t get into the authors that were being selected. Most were paranormal/urban fantasy/sci fi authors which is just not my thing.

2013 WorkadayReads Self-Publshed Reading Challenge
I read and written reviews for 9 Indie books. That makes me 1 book short of Level 2 – Paragraph. On toward Level 3 – Page at 25 books.

2013 RT Booklovers Convention Challenge
This is one of the more complicated challenges that I have done. I’ve completed Levels 1 and 2. I’ve read 4 of the 21 Pioneer Authors (Level 3).

2013 Climb the Stair Challenge
I just added this one that runs from July 15 to December 15. Each level coincides with the number of books that must be read to complete the level. Each participant gets to assign the category they will use to complete the level. 

Level 1 (1 book): Chunky Book (More than 400pages)
Level 2 (2 books): Different Genres
Level 3 (3 books): Favorite Author
Level 4 (4 books): Novella (Less than 250pages)
Level 5 (5 books): Different Authors (or new to you authors)
Level 6 (6 books): Favorite Genre (or favorite sub-genre of romance)
Level 7 (7 books): New 2013 release



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