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2012 Goodread June Readers Challenge

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Goodreads June Challenge Thread
1. “J" is for June: Cowboy Crazy by Kennedy, Joanne 6/8
Read a book that starts with 'J' or a book whose author's first or last name starts with 'J'.
2. Happy Birthday AH!: Against All Odds by Irene Hannon 6/18
Read a book from a June birthday celebrant's GR bookshelf. To change up your choices a bit, this month choose a June birthday celebrant whose name/nickname starts with the letter before your initial in the alphabet. If no one has the that letter, choose someone with the closest letter to it alphabetically, just not your letter. RRRC" target=_blank>RRRC" target=_blank>June Birthday List
3. Geography: The Greek Millionaire's Secret Child by Spencer, Catherine 6/13
Read a book whose author, character or setting is from Greece. OR/ Greece is well known for its beautiful beaches, fabulous art, and the Greek Gods – read a book that has beaches, art or Greek mythology as a significant element.
4. Sixth Month: Jacked Up (Fast Track, #6) by McCarthy, Erin 6/10
Read a book that is the sixth in a series, has six words in the title or has the number six in the title.
5. Donut Day - June 1; Chocolate Ice Cream Day - June 7; National Jelly-filled Donut Day June 8; Peanut Butter Cookie Day - June 12; Fudge Day - June 16: Grill Me, Baby by Knightly, Sophia 6/22
Read a book in which cooking/baking is an important part of the book, that takes place in a bakery or restaurant, or whose main character is a dentist!
6. Repeat Day - June3! Repeat Day - June 3! An Indecent Proposition by Marinelli, Carol 6/20
Read a book about twins, in which a word is repeated in the title, or reread an old favorite
7. Father's Day - June 17: What Happens in Charleston... by Bailey, Rachel 6/2
Read a book involving a single father, written from the male perspective or the presence or lack of father is a significant part of the story.
8. First Day of Summer - June 21: Slow Summer Kisses by Stacey, Shannon 6/12
Read a book about a summer love or that takes place during the summer.
9. Helen Keller's Birthday - June 27: Cowboy Trouble by Kennedy, Joanne 6/12
Read a book with a main character that has a handicap of some sort (blindness, in a wheelchair, mutism, etc.), or has overcome an accident or other traumatic event.
10. Reader's Choice No Tan Lines (Barefoot William, #1) by Angell, Kate 6/1



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