Saturday, October 1, 2011

Noumena12 Reading Summary

Posted by Unknown at 2:15 PM

I haven’t posted this for a long time…so here it goes…

My reading goal for 2011 was 350 books. I’ve read 197 books (56%) as of the end of September which puts me 65 books (18%) behind. Which means that I have to read 51 books each of the remaining months….doesn’t feel terribly likely since I’ve only been averaging 21 books a month.

Last year I completed 332 books and it doesn’t look like I will be repeating that milestone this year. I would need to average reading 45 books in the remaining 3 months.

On the page count front, it appears I’ve read 58,091 so far this year resulting in a average page count of 297 pages per book. Last year I read a total of 93,151 pages which is an average of 280 pages per book. So maybe I will end up reading move actual pages this year if I read 11,686 pages per month…Oh wait, that turns out to be ~39 books per month.

The good news is that my Monthly Reading Challenge success rate has been very good! April and May were the only 2 months that I didn’t successfully complete the challenge so far…

Of course, Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon is next weekend…so who knows what will happen!



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