Wednesday, September 3, 2008

To ebook or not? Revisited.

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On June 14, I posted my original dilemma over whether or not to purchase an ebook reader. Here is my update.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to replace my iPod with an iPod Touch. (Thanks Cynthia!!!) John and I were talking and he was telling me how many free games were available for the Touch. So last weekend I went looking for games. But I found something better than games...I found ebook readers!! There are two ebook readers available through the application store: eReader by Fictionwise and Stanza by Lexcycle.

Stanza had gotten some pretty good reviews at the iTunes App Store so I downloaded it. Stanza supports a variety of formats including Kindle but does not support protected content. Based on my understanding, you must download Stanza desktop in order to create your library of eBook content. With all the installs done I decided to start with Kindle content so I headed to the Amazon store. Hmmm....the only way to deliver kindle content is through WhisperNet to your Kindle. Finding no other way to deliver Kindle content...what is the point of supporting Kindle format??? Next, I went to Fictionwise (recommended by a friend); unfortunately, the books I wanted only appeared to be available in a protected format. Hmmm....

Of course, while visiting Fictionwise I could hardly miss the display add for eReader. I watched the videos and decided to download it and check it out. Using my Touch, I can purchase download content purchased from I can manage my content on including personal content. I can download the content to my Touch by clicking the add button within eReader. I can upload my personal content (content purchased elsewhere or other documents that I want) through and download it to my Touch. I found this method of downloading and managing content to be very easy to use.

eReader and I hit the road and I finished my first book! I found eReader easy to use with good features. It seems to use a lot of battery power but I was able to recharge in the airport and I did just fine. I like being able to have my music and reading material in one device. My concerns in my original post are still valid. (1) I do have to turn it off during taxi, takeoff, and landing. I took a paperback with me to read during those times. Unfortunately, I'm not good at reading two books at a time. (2) I can't pass the book least not the books puchased from ereader. They require a password which is your credit card number. Not a bad way to ensure no one cheats. I still take exception to the fact that I can purchase a physical copy of a book and pass it on but I can't purchase an eBook and pass it on.
Loose and Easy (Steele Street #9) Loose and Easy by Tara Janzen

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I won't be replacing books I already have with ebooks (unless I can find them for free) but I expect to be reading more ebooks.



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