Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 2012 #readathon - Reading Musings

Posted by Unknown at 1:29 PM

Most of you know that I am a power reader – around 300 books a year. Since September 2008, 100% of the books that I have read have been ebooks. While my primary reading device is my Kindle (K2 and Fire), I also read on my HTC Incredible smartphone, Samsung Galaxy tablet, and my iPod Touch. (I can’t stand reading on the iPad.) So it is with great interest that I follow the Publishing industries stance on ebooks including lending, agency pricing, digital rights management, and Amazon.

I’m appalled when I have to pay more for an ebook version than the paperback copy. I hate that I don’t have the same rights with my ebook that I had with the physical paper copies (lending, sharing, trading). And I hate that sellers can’t PRICE the items they are selling themselves. I’m amused that everyone sees Amazon as the root of all evil. Yes, I see the Department of Justice lawsuit as a potential push for much needed changes in the publishing industry.

I have purchased over 1070 books since I began reading ebooks; 262 of those are lendable. More and more I find myself looking for self-publishing authors. Why? Because I’m not subjected to Publisher set pricing and they tend to be more relaxed and actually encourage lending of their books. Plus I’m a big fan of the underdog!

As I was driving to get my coffee before the start of the readathon,  I found it interesting that NPR’s Morning Edition was focused on these topics. It must be a sign! Happy Reading!!


Vasilly on April 21, 2012 at 6:10 PM said...

The high prices of ebooks is one of the reasons why I don't buy ebooks often.I prefer print books since I can give them away after I buy them or copy a page with ease. I'm so impressed that you buy so many ebooks a year.


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