Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Getting Convention Ready: Convention RABCKs

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With the convention only a month away, it is time to start selecting the books I want to take with me. Particularly since many of them are To Be Read! EGADS!

Here is the 2007 Convention RABCK List:

  1. The Lonely Girls Club by Forster, Suzanne (Romance / Suspense) [To Be Read] =>AceOfHearts
  2. Strip Tease by HIAASEN, CARL (Literature) [To Be Read] => AceOfHearts
  3. The Pact by Picoult, Jodi (Women's Fiction) [To Be Read] => AceOfHearts
  4. Earthly Joys by Gregory, Philippa (Women's Fiction) [Reserved] => AceOfHearts
  5. I'm with Cupid by Stingley, Diane (Women's Fiction) [Reserved] => AceOfHearts
  6. Zorro by Allende, Isabel (Literature and Fiction) [To Be Read] => Apolonia
  7. Babe in Ghostland by Cach, Lisa (Romance) [Reserved] => Apolonia
  8. Getting Over It by Maxted, Anna (Women's Fiction) [To Be Read] => Apolonia
  9. Every Which Way But Dead by Harrison, Kim (Fantasy / Paranormal) [Reserved] => Apolonia
  10. Under Cover by Davidson, MaryJanice (Romance / Paranormal) [Reserved] => Apolonia
  11. Real Vampires Have Curves by Bartlett, Gerry (Romance / Paranormal) [To Be Read] => Apolonia
  12. Five Quarters of the Orange by Harris, Joanne (Literature and Fiction) [Reserved] (Azuki)
  13. Contents Under Pressure by Buchanan, Edna (Mystery) [To Be Read] => cestmoi
  14. Getting Over Jack Wagner by Juska, Elise (Women's Fiction) [To Be Read] => cestmoi
  15. Kitty Takes a Holiday by Vaughn, Carrie (Fantasy / Paranormal) [Reserved] => Cheriepie
  16. The Chick and the Dead by Daniels, Casey (Mystery / Paranormal) [Reserved] => Cheriepie
  17. The Prada Paradox by Kenner, Julie (Romance / Suspense) [Reserved] => CheriePie
  18. If You Could See Me Now by Ahern, Cecelia (Women's Fiction) [To Be Read] => CollectorKerri
  19. Patty Jane's House of Curl by Landvik, Lorna (Literature and Fiction) [To Be Read] => CollectorKerri
  20. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Brashares, Ann (Teen) [Reserved] => HoserLauren
  21. My Dream of You by O'Faolain, Nuala (Literature and Fiction) [To Be Read] => hotflash
  22. The Glass Castle by Walls, Jeannette (Biography and Memoirs) [To Be Read] => hotflash
  23. House of the Spirits by Allende, Isabel (Literature and Fiction) [To Be Read] => Inkognitoh
  24. Amy and Isabelle by Strout, Elizabeth (Literature and Fiction) [To Be Read] => Inkognitoh
  25. A Time to Kill by Grisham, John (Mystery/Thriller) [Reserved] => Inkognitoh
  26. The Chamber by Grisham, John (Mystery / Thriller) [Reserved] => Redsoxbookguy
  27. The Kalahari Typing School for Men by Smith, Alexander McCall (Mystery) [To Be Read] => Scifisstrs
  28. A Thousand Acres by Smiley, Jane (Women's Fiction) [To Be Read] => Sherria
  29. Durable Goods by Berg, Elizabeth (Women's Fiction) [To Be Read] => Sherria
  30. Girl Cook by McCouch, Hannah (Women's Fiction) [Reserved] => TITurtle1
  31. Memoirs of a Geisha by Golden, Arthur (Literature and Fiction) [Reserved] => TITurtle1
  32. Anything with a pink cover => HoserLauren :)
Now to get busy reading!!


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